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Our checkout process is on a secure server, with SSL protection. Our web site is hosted by Shopify - one of the most reliable web providers in the market.


If you have a problem during checkout, look towards the top of the page for an error note in red font. Most errors will be explained here, and will guide you to the missing information (the most typical error). If you are still having an issue, please GIVE US A CALL. We can help complete your order over the phone. See our Contact Us page for our phone number and hours.


Yes! If you chose to use a debit card, the amount of your order will be placed on "hold" (like a pre-authorization for a credit card, but with a debit card, the funds are actually held). Then, when we review your order and charge the charge immediately prior to shipping, the funds are "captured" to pay for the order. For a debit card, this means the money is actually withdrawn from your account and then the "hold" is released. If, for any reason, you see a withdrawal AND the hold both still on your account, please contact your bank and ask for the hold to be released. If the bank won't do it without our consent, then contact us and we'll contact your bank as well. This does not happy very often, but we'll work with you until it gets resolved.