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ProTec Helmet Liner Info

Not sure which ProTec helmet to buy?

ProTec makes many different helmets - skate helmets, skateboarding helmets, mountain bike helmets, BMX helmets. It can be difficult to figure out which ProTec helmet will best meet your needs. The helmet liner is your best guide to deciding which helmet is right for you. (Note that the liner is the padding that is right next to the plastic exterior shell of the helmet, not the soft, squishy foam pads for comfort and fit that sit next to your head.) ProTec helmets are made with one of three different kinds of liners:

  • 2-stage soft foam, stiff expanded polystyrene
  • EPS foam, or
  • surface-activated expanded polypropylene (SXP)

Each Pro-Tec liner is designed to cushion your head in the event of an impact. However, each type of liner is best suited for a particular kind of impact. The 2-stage liner is designed to withstand multiple small impacts, such as you might get at the skate park. The EPS liner is designed to protect you in the event of a major collision, such as a bicycle crash. Pro-Tec’s patented SXP is a high-grade multi-impact liner designed to protect even the most aggressive riders.

ProTec Helmet Liners
2-stage EPS SXP
Soft foam liner designed for skate use only Stiff foam designed for bike & skate use; single impact Surface-activated polypropylene designed for bike & skate use; multi impact

If you plan to use your ProTec helmet only for skateboarding

you probably want one of ProTec’s "skate" helmets - the ProTec Classic Skate, the Bucky Lasek Classic, Classic Full Cut Skate, B2 Skate, and Ace Skate helmets. Each of these skateboarding helmets features ProTec’s soft 2-stage foam liner. This softer liner is generally considered more comfortable than the stiffer EPS liner in the Pro-Tec bike/skate helmets. However, Pro-Tec skate helmets with a 2-stage liner do NOT carry a specific safety certification (which is not unusual for helmets intended for skate/skateboard use). So if you want to use the same helmet for biking as you do at the skatepark or pipe, you should go for one with an EPS liner or an SXP liner (i.e., a bike/skate helmet).

Pro-Tec bike/skate helmets have either an expanded polystyrene (EPS) or surface-activated expanded polypropylene (SXP) liner.

The Classic bike/skate helmet (sometimes just called "The Classic"), and ProTec Riot Street helmet all have an EPS foam liner that meets CPSC bicycle helmet safety certifications. EPS foam liners are the industry standard for action sport helmets; however, they are not multi-impact. EPS liners offer higher levels of impact protection than the 2-stage foam liner, however, they can "lose" their maximum protective abilities after sustaining a collision because the stiff foam lining condenses upon impact and does not pop back to its original shape.

If you're looking for a multi-impact helmet that you can use for both skateboarding and biking, ProTec Ace bike/skate helmets and ProTec B2 bike/skate helmets feature multi-impact SXP liners.

This light but stiff liner is a good choice for aggressive active sports enthusiasts because it attempts to merge the benefits of ProTec's 2-stage liner and EPS foam liner: Protective abilities designed to rebound after an impact without condensing permanently, potentially allowing for protection even after an impact.ProTec Helmets for Bike/Skate (Standard EPS Liner).

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