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SixSixOne Helmets, Pads, and Armor

SixSixOne is an innovative leader in mountain bike protective gear

SixSixOne protective gear is for all levels of mountain bikers and BMX riders. Whether you're a novice or an experienced competitor, take a good look at SixSixOne pads and armor, and SixSixOne gloves. Check out the SixSixOne EVO gear that incorporates d3o technology for added impact protection. Read more about SixSixOne EVO, d3o, and other SixSixOne gear below.


SixSixOne EVO: What's d3o?

SixSixOne EVO knee pads and some SixSixOne body armor feature d3o ('dee-three-oh') to provide added impact protection. D3o is a specially engineered material made with intelligent molecules designed to be viscous and malleable under normal conditions. This makes d3o padding very soft and comfortable against the skin. However, upon impact, these same molecules lock together and become rigid. This ability to transform itself from soft to rigid is what allows SixSixOne EVO gear with d3o padding to absorb the energy from the impact, ultimately protecting you from the shock of the impact. SixSixOne EVO pads with d3o provide all the comfort of a soft shell with all the protection of a hard shell, keeping you safe no matter which SixSixOne gear they're in.

SixSixOne Protection

SixSixOne develops protection products for mountain biking and BMX, including helmets, boots, gloves, roost deflectors, knee guards, and elbow guards. SixSixOne was developed and is used in competition by top amateur and professional riders around the world. Some SixSixOne helmets and pads utilize the innovative engineered material d30, which is designed to be malleable and soft under normal conditions but to harden upon impact.