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Protective Gear specifically designed for skiers who race

Ski racing has it's own athletic and safety challenges. When it comes to gear, it's all about the engineering. Aerodynamics affects your times. Impact protection allows you give your all without holding back.  If you're racing slalom, giant slalom, super G, ski cross or downhill, you'll find a great selection of ski racing helmets, racing gloves, body armor and more. 

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Ski racing protective equipment

Maybe it's for you or maybe it's for your kids. Either way, be sure to get the right ski safety gear to help prevent injuries

The term "ski racing" covers a lot of ground - no pun intended. Ski racing can be your 6 year old sloooowly sliding down the slalom course at your local hill. Or, it can be your 17 year old son going like hell down a Super G run for the 10th time today. Or, it might be you've decided to get back into going fast downhill, but realize you need to go to work Monday morning.

The important thing to keep in mind is this - we want to match the level of protection to the type of ski racing you're doing. If your little grom is tooling down the hill a slower speeds, then outfitting her with a good quality ski helmet, ski goggles, warm and dry ski gloves, and maybe a pair of youth size padded shorts is likely to be a great package of protective gear to keep her safe.

If your ski racing gets into higher speed runs, then it's time to bring in other ski racing protective equipment, like ski body armor, shin guards, pole protectors, and forearm guards.

If you have any questions about ski racing protective gear, or want to talk to a protective gear specialist, contact us today!