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Snowboard Helmets

Your snowboard helmet is a serious choice

Most other injuries will heal, But a head injury can last a lifetime

If you only wear one piece of snowboard protective gear, make it a good quality snowboard helmet. No matter if you’re a highly experienced boarder or a newbie, you’re going to fall. And when you're boarding, the falls tend to be a)violent, and b) your head is usually the last thing to hit the ground. Hard. A good snowboard helmet helps protect your head from impacts, it'll keep your head warm, and can look pretty steezy too.

Snowboard Helmets Collection

Protect yourself with a snowboard helmet from top brands like Giro snowboard helmets, Smith snowboard helmets, ProTec, and Triple Eight.

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What kind of helmet is best for the type of snowboarding I do?

Snowboard Helmets CollectionFind the answer in our informative Gear Guide about how to choose a snowboard helmet. Learn about the different types of helmet construction and why you would pick one over the other as well as features to consider, safety standards, and help with sizing and fit. You'll also learn what you can expect to pay based on what features are important to you.