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Fox PeeWee Titan Roost Deflector/Body Armor for Youth

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Fox Titan Roost Deflector Body Armor for Youth

Your little superhero will love the Fox Titan Roost Deflector. It's cool looking and comfortable. Fox knew just where to place the hard shells, the soft shells and the rubber shield to best protect your kid and give you some peace of mind. So suit up your little one and let them ride! 

Fox Titan Roost Deflector Body Armor for Youth

  • Shoulder protection, tough, injection molded plastic
  • Chest, back protection, hard, flexible, rubber, cool Fox logo
  • Waist belt, sturdy elastic, Velcro for snug fit
  • Upper arm protection, large soft pad, hard plastic insert
  • Adjustable straps, upper arm, Velcro for secure fit
  • Good ventilation, mesh fabric, perforated pads, kids stay cool
  • Hand wash, dry flat
  • Suitable for downhill mountain/bmx biking, snowboarding/skiing

    Interested in saving money on BMX protective gear?

    The Fox Titan Roost Deflector is part of a combo set,  Fox Titan Youth Combo Pack .

    Fox Head

    Fox Head, Inc. is headquartered in Morgan Hill, CA, with additional offices in Irvine, CA and Newcastle, UK. Fox built its business by developing clothing for high intensity, physically demanding motorsport of motocross, and is the most recognized and best selling brand of motocross apparel in the world today. Through sponsoring and working closely with the best riders in the history of the sport, the company has researched and developed race clothing that provides riders with maximum protection, performance and freedom of movement.



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