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G-Form PRO-X Compression Short for Youth

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Distinguishing Features

  • RPT Technology - Impact hardening material for maximum protection
  • Compression Fit  - Designed for the best fit without compromising movement
  • Lightweight - Less weight and bulk than other protective bike shorts


  • Shell Material - RPT with Poron XRD impact protection material, soft shell design for comfort while maintaining a low profile
  • Construction - compression sleeve design with moisture-wicking UPF 50+ compression fabric, comfort and mobility
  • Hip Protection  - large RPT hip padding (1/4th an inch) down the hip, good side protection
  • Tailbone Protection  - RPT padding down the tailbone region, protection from every direction
  • Padded Crotch - no, but vented for added airflow
  • Profile - low profile design, can be worn under clothing
  • Waistband - Stretch elastic material, easy on/off and added comfort
  • Grip - Silicone grip slip on bottom, firm hold of riders knee
  • Ventilation - breathable stretch material, keeps rider cool
  • Cleaning - Machine washable, easy maintenance
  • Weight - 60 grams per pair (0.13 lbs)

G-Form PRO-X Compression Shorts For Youth Offer Versatility. 

Do you have a child who does a lot of active things? The G-Form PRO-X Compression Shorts for Youth have added protection with a very low profile and can be used in a variety of sports including mountain biking, BMX, Winter sports as well as many others. The PRO-X Compression Shorts are flexible, lightweight, breathable, and machine-washable. Featuring G-Form's RPT (Reactive Protection Technology) the Pro-X Compression Shorts are the best option for those who wants to wear hip, side, thigh and tailbone protection without them feeling like they are wearing any protection at all. 

The PRO-X Compression Shorts for Youth are flexible, lightweight, breathable, and machine-washable. Featuring G-Form's RPT (Reactive Protection Technology) the Pro-X Compression Shorts for Youth are the best option for those parents who want their child to wear hip, side, thigh and tailbone protection without feeling like they are wearing any protection at all.  

What is G-Form's RPT Technology? In its normal state, it looks and feels soft/pliable to the touch. The amazing thing about it, and the benefits it presents riders are when it is impacted. Whether it be during a fall or impact with a branch, rock, etc. the RPT technology will harden and give excellent protection before returning to its soft foam state. This is an advanced technology that provides the high level of protection expected from a hard shell impact material, but with the excessively lightweight design from G-Form.

The compression material is breathable and lightweight. The G-Form PRO-B Bicycle Compression Shorts fit easily under other clothing so they aren't obtrusive. If you are someone who likes minimalist protection, the G-Form PRO-X Compression Shorts are a solid choice for many sports.

About G-Form

G-Form was founded by avid athletes who shared a common vision of using advanced polymer technology to revolutionize impact protection and vibration dampening for competition. The founding team included expertise in a wide variety of sports as well as expertise in polymer chemistry, 3-D design, photography, mold making, entrepreneurship, innovation, and out-of-the-box thinking.

Rather than have products developed and driven from a top-down marketing approach, the G-Form team has worked together to make products developed from the athlete’s point of view. While the team has grown exponentially and product lines have expanded to electronics protection and military/tactical gear, the philosophy of innovation by and for the athlete remains. In addition to a passion for athletics and creation, the team has always shared the common bond of also working for the community and supporting social causes.

Unlike other pads, G-Form PRO-X Knee Pads are flexible, lightweight, breathable, and machine-washable. G-Form's fully articulated design offers maximum protection centering on and surrounding your joint, with virtually no bulk. With G-Form, you never have to worry about compromising movement – in fact, you won’t even realize you’re wearing them.


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