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Leatt Hydration Pack DBX Enduro Lite WP 2.0

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Distinguishing Features

  • Built-In Back Protector  - Keep your back protected while keeping hydrated
  • Heat Resistant Inner Pack - Keep your liquid's temperature intact whether cold or hot
  • Leatt Neck Brace Compatible - fits seamlessly with a Leatt DBX neck brace


  • Design - fully welded waterproof outer shell, tough, durable and waterproof
  • Inner Pack - 2.0L flat cleantech bladder and 5.0L luggage, for excess storage of liquid or other contents
  • Hydration Output - dual hydration tube exit for two-way routing, over the shoulder or under the arm hydration option for comfort of rider 
  • Shoulder Straps - unique vented chest harness for a rock solid fit with storage pockets, including a mobile phone pouch with touch screen function, let air flow freely and allow rider to change music during a ride
  • Spine Protection - CE tested and certified level 1 back protector, for impact protection and rider safety
  • Height Adjustability - Height adjustable harness, optimal load positioning on back and can be positioned on left or right harness strap
  • Helmet Carrier Compatibility - Lightweight helmet carrier system for full face or/and MTB helmet, easily carry helmet when not riding
  • Padding - easy-to-clean foam padding, increased comfort even during extended wear
  • Ventilation - Airflow ribs throughout and optimal airline back ventilation

The Leatt Hydration Pack DBX Enduro Lite WP 2.0 Has More Functionality than just Hydrating

When out on a long ride with the hot sun beating down on you, you'll be glad you purchased The Leatt Hydration Pack DBX Enduro Lite WP 2.0. Some might be leery about lugging around a pack just for hydration purposes, but Leatt has given you plenty of other functionality that makes it worth its price point. 

We love to stay hydrated as we ride. Hydration allows you to go harder and last longer. But what we love most about the Enduro Lite WP 2.0 is what other functionality it offers. To go along with the 2.0L cleantech bladder, the Enduro Lite also comes with 5.0L of additional carry space. The thing we like best about the Enduro Lite is how the inner pack is heat resistant and can keep the contents at the desired temperature. This feature comes in handy when you are out riding all day long. 

The pack isn't just for hydration; it offers an added level of safety. The pack comes with a Level 1 back protector. It gives the added protection we love at SportsProtective. The shoulder straps also have a touch screen pocket and space to hold your GoPro as you ride. 

About Leatt

Sometimes it takes a tragedy to create change. Such was the case in South Africa in 2001 when Dr. Chris Leatt, a medical doctor and motorcycle rider, went to a racetrack with his son who himself had just begun to ride. There, Dr. Leatt witnessed the death of another rider, Alan Selby, from suspected neck injuries. Dr. Leatt was so shaken by the incident that he made it his mission to develop a device that would go a substantial way toward preventing this type of fatal injury in the future. After three years of research, development, and testing, Dr. Leatt introduced his first Leatt-Brace. However, it would be another two years before the Leatt-Brace would make it to market on a large scale. Today, Leatt-Brace is a worldwide leader in neck protection for extreme sports. Dr. Leatt likes to say the Leatt Brace is "a helmet for your neck." Designers and engineers in the Leatt laboratory in South Africa have expanded their reach to high-technology protective armor that meets varying needs of downhill mountain bikers, bmx bikers, and skiers and snowboarders.



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    Leatt Neck Brace, Body Armor, and Pads Size Charts

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    Leatt Neck Brace Size Charts - Look for the Specific Brace Model Below

    Leatt DBX 5.5  and DBX 5.5 Jr Neck Braces

    Neck Brace Size Chest Circumference
    Junior 29.5-32.5in
    Adult S/M 32.5-37.0in
    Adult L/XL 37.0-49.5in


    Leatt DBX 4.5 Neck Brace

    Neck Brace Size Chest Circumference
    Adult S/M 31.0-37.0in
    Adult L/XL 37.0-45.0in


    Leatt DBX Comp 4 and DBX Ride 4 Neck Braces

    Neck Brace Size Chest Circumference
    Adult S/M 26.0-37.0in
    Adult L/XL 34.0-43.0in


    Leatt Upper Body Armor Size Charts

    Leatt 3DF Adult Size Upper Body Armor

    Size Chest Circumference
    Small/Medium 34-38in
    Large/Extra Large 40-44in
    XXL 44-48in


    Leatt 3DF Youth Size Upper Body Armor

    Size Height
    Junior Small/Medium 4'5"-4'9" Tall
    Junior Large/Extra Large 4'9"-5'3" Tall


    Leatt 3DF Knee Guards Size Charts

    Measure your knee circumference, with your leg extended out straight.

    How to Measure Your Knee for Leatt 3DF Knee Pads

    Leatt 3DF Adult Size Knee Guards

    Size Knee Circumference
    Small/Medium 31-41cm
    Large/Extra Large 41-53cm
    XXL 53-58cm


    Leatt 3DF Youth Size Knee Guards

    Size Knee Circumference
    Junior 4'5"-4'9" Tall
    Kids 4'9"-5'3" Tall


    Leatt 3DF Elbow Guards Size Charts

    Measure your elbow circumference, with your arm extended.

    How to Measure Your Elbows for Leatt 3DF Elbow Guards

    Leatt 3DF Adult Size Elbow Guards

    Size Elbow Circumference
    Small/Medium 22-28cm
    Large/Extra Large 28-35cm
    XXL 35-41cm


    Leatt 3DF Youth Size Elbow Guards

    Size Elbow Circumference
    Junior 4'5"-4'9" Tall
    Kids 4'9"-5'3" Tall


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