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POC Joint VPD 2.0 DH Long Knee/Shin Guards (Pair)

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The POC Joint VPD 2.0 DH Knee Guards (Pair)

The POC VPD DH Knee Guards replace the "POC VPD Long Knee Guards", and we think are a nice improvement. The primary difference between the old "long" and the new "DH" knee guards is the hard plastic cap on the knee. This hard shell cap offers very strong impact protection right on top of the knee cap, plus is a more rugged material that will survive many hard impacts. Behind the hard shell knee cap is the newer version 2.0 of POC's VPD material. The VPD pad extends behind and around the knee cap, including around 3 inches beyond the edge of the guard, plus close to 6 inches below the bottom of the knee guard. The POC Joint VPD DH knee guards offer very nice freedom of movement. When the VPD material warms up against your leg, it softens up and molds to your leg shape. But, when exposed to an impact, the VPD material stiffens and has excellent shock absorption properties.


Additional Features of the POC VPD 2.0 DH Long Knee Guards Include

  • 3D molded VPD 2.0 knee protector: pre-molded to fit around your knee and leg
  • Perforated VPD pad for heat and moisture control
  • Flexible low friction hard shell knee caps
  • Kevlar reinforced stretch fabric all around the front half of the guards
  • Super stretchy and robust back sleeve with a top strap
  • Optional elastic strap rests on calf muscle to give extra firm and secure fit

VPD…What is that?

VPD stands for Visco-elastic Polymer Dough. We could go into a long discussion about physical chemistry and the transformation of matter through space and time. However, let’s just say that VPD is the product of some very sophisticated science. VPD is one of the few compounds on the market that meets the European Union’s highest standard for protective motorcycle clothing (CE 1621 Level 2-High Performance). Why? Because VPD is soft and comfortable, yet upon impact, VPD stiffens to absorb an extreme amount of energy created by such an impact. Since it is this energy from impact that ultimately causes bodily injury, the more energy your spine guard shields from you, the less likely you are to suffer injury. Most protection devices are static. POC VPD is progressive, meaning the harder the impact, the proportionately more energy from the impact VPD padding will absorb. Learn more about VPD on our Advanced Protective Materials page.

POC of Sweden – Gorgeous Design, Superior Protection

We can’t think of enough superlatives to describe the line mountain bike and BMX protective gear by POC of Sweden. POC combines sophisticated engineering with spare Scandinavian styling to produce what are arguably some of the most good-looking, high-tech helmets and body armor on the planet. The company has won numerous international design awards. In terms of safety, one award in particular stands out. Volvo, possibly the most safety-conscious company in the world, awarded POC its Grand Prize in the category of Active Safety as part of their prestigious annual Volvo ISPO Sports Design Award competition.



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