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POC Receptor Backcountry Ski Helmet with MIPS

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our part num: B-10490-1001M

POC Receptor Backcountry MIPS Ski Helmet

POC Receptor Backcountry MIPS Ski Helmet

Do you love skiing or boarding through trees? Are you dreaming of a helicopter drop this ski season? The POC Receptor Backcountry MIPS Ski Helmet is a great choice for aggressive skiers, free skiers and back-country skiers. Advanced features, especially the MIPS technology, have sold me on this helmet. Check out the features of the Receptor Backcountry, and I have a feeling it'll end up in your cart, too.

POC Receptor Backcountry MIPS Ski Helmet

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  • MIPS protection, mimics how our brains are designed to be protected (see below)
  • RECCO technology allows mountain rescue teams to locate lost skiers
  • Double shell construction, ABS/PC outer shell; PC inner shell; VDSAP (see below), Aramid penetration barrier
  • Multi-impact EPP liner, compresses to absorb impacts, returns to original shape  
  • 9 vents, 5 can be plugged for cold-weather days 
  • Ear pads: detachable, 
  • Neck roll: adds comfort, removable/attached to ear pads
  • Padding: 5 interior pads, removable, Polygiene/odor-free; extra set foam pads included
  • Chin buckle: Clicks when secure; no-pinch padding
  • MIPS Release Mechanism, extra MIPS release kits included
  • Goggle clip included
  • Travel bag included 
  • POC graphics, understated; 2 stickers included
  • Weight: 680 grams for size medium  
  • Meets the ASTM F2040 and CE 1077B safety standards
  • Suitable for skiing, free skiing, back-country skiing, snowboarding 

What is VDSAP?

POC has developed what it calls a "double-shell helmet," which transfers the quality of APB technology into a fully ventilated system, leading to the Ventilated Double-Shell Anti-Penetration (VDSAP) POC ski helmet. VDSAP with double shells, laced offset, for maximum penetration resistance with channels in between to release heat and moisture. The inner shell is an extremely thin in-mold shell while the hard outer shell is made from ABS and PC. 

What is MIPS?

A multi-directional impact protection system helmet is quite a mouthful; we prefer the acronym MIPS. MIPS technology absorbs both vertical impacts (in the event that you fall directly on your head) and oblique impacts (in the more likely event that your head takes a rotational blow). MIPS imitates the brain's method of protecting itself by giving POC helmets with MIPS their own low-friction layer between the ABS/PC outer shell and the PC liner. When subjected to an oblique impact, the low-friction layer allows a small rotation of the shell relative to the liner, which reduces the force of the impact on the brain.

POC Sports

POC of Sweden

We can’t think of enough superlatives to describe the new line of ski, snowboard and bike helmets from POC of Sweden. POC combines sophisticated engineering with spare Scandinavian styling to produce what are arguably some of the most good-looking, high-tech helmets on the planet. The company has won numerous international design awards. In terms of safety, one award in particular stands out. Volvo, possibly the most safety-conscious company in the world, awarded POC its Grand Prize in the category of Active Safety as part of their prestigious annual Volvo ISPO Sports Design Award competition.


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