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ProTec Street Elbow Pads (Pair)

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ProTec Street Elbow Pads (Pair)

Whether you bike, board, skate, or engage in a multitude of action sports, the ProTec Street elbow pads will give you serious elbow protection. You'll be spared cuts, road rash, or even broken bones if you're protected by the Streets. Why take a chance?  Armor up today with the ProTec Street Elbow Pads.  

ProTec Street Elbow Pads (Pair)

  • Hard shell protection, tough molded plastic protects elbow
  • Foam protection:  1" thick, supports hard cap; generously sized for tendon/ligament protection; molded to cradle elbow
  • Additional protection:  1 1/2 inches of padding above/below elbow 
  • Sleeve design:  Strong, stretchy Neoprene inner sleeve; outer tough polyester
  • Two adjustable straps:  1-1/2 inch wide, elastic, Velcro for secure fit
  • Hand wash, line dry
  • Sold as pair, right/left specific
  • Lightweight,  240  grams for adult small
  • Suitable for skateboard/longboard, inline skate, ice skate, roller derby, mountain/bmx bike


Founded in 1973, Pro-Tec is the original action sports protective gear brand. The company’s product line includes skate helmets, bike/skate helmets, mountain bike helmets, gloves, upper body armor, knee and elbow pads, shin and ankle guards, and helmet liners. No other company comes close to matching ProTec’s list of achievements in protection, while never forgetting the importance of style, price and comfort. Evidence of this is ProTec’s leadership in high-performance helmets for skateboarding, biking, and snowboarding. On the outside, ProTec perfectly blends classic and contemporary styling to make ProTec one of the most iconic helmet brands around the globe. Beyond the surface, ProTec “engineers in” quality materials like rugged ABS plastic shells, stainless steel hardware, soft tubular webbing strapping, and in some models multi-impact SXP liner technology, for dependable performance mile after mile.


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ProTec Size Chart

ProTec Helmets and Pads Size Charts

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ProTec Helmets Size Guide

How to Measure Your Head for a ProTec Helmet


ProTec Helmet Sizes

Size Head Circumference
Extra Small 52-54cm
Small 54-56cm
Medium 56-58cm
Large 58-60cm
Extra Large 60-62cm
XXL 62-64cm


ProTec Street Knee Pads Size Chart



Leg Circumference

15cm above your knee

Leg Circumference

15cm below your knee

Small 12-14in 9-12in
Medium 15-17in 11-14in
Large 18-20in 14-18in
Extra Large 21-23in 17-21in


ProTec Street Elbow Pads Size Chart


Arm Circumference

10cm above your elbow

Arm Circumference

10cm below your elbow

Small 9.5-11in 8.5-10in
Medium 10.5-12in 9.5-11in
Large 11.5-13in 10.5-12in
Extra Large 13-15in 11.5-13in


ProTec Street Wrist Guards Size Chart


Size Hand Circumference
Small 6.5-7.5in
Medium 7.5-8.5in
Large 8.0-9.0in


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