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Shred Basher NOSHOCK Ski Racing Helmet

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Shred Basher NOSHOCK Ski Racing Helmet  is FIS RH 2013 certified, the Shred Basher NOSHOCK race helmet is built to handle the inevitable repercussions of skiing fast and on the edge. Featuring Slytech NOSHOCK and Infinite RAA technology, this helmet provides multi-impact protection and absorption of impact energy from both linear and rotational acceleration. In other words, whether you’ve double-ejected into a tomahawk, or bobbled into a boot-out, you know that your helmet is prepared to deal with the impending impact.

Equipped with the innovative ICEdot identifier technology, this helmet can be synched with the ICEdot service, identifies an injured skier to first responders while alerting preprogrammed emergency contacts. The result is an intelligent race helmet that maximizes efficiency and response time in the event of an accident. Shred’s Custom Fit Kit ensures a precise and comfortable fit, while the X-Static liner provides the anti-microbial and anti-odor properties that hard-working racers will appreciate. Designed for gate-bashers, the Basher helmet from Shred with NOSHOCK technology knows what it takes to protect skiers who train and compete on the edge.

  • Meets and exceeds FIS RH 2013 safety standards
  • NOSHOCK technology with Multi Impact EPP liner
  • Slow Reponse EPP Honeycomb Cone Structure for hard impact
  • Infinite RAA minimizes effects of rotational accelerations to head
  • Shred Shield flexible copolymer shell
  • ICEdot identifier technology for improved emergency response
  • Removable X-Static silver fiber liner is antimicrobial and anti-odor 
  • Shred Custom Fit Kit and Adjustable Ear Pads for a precise fit
  • Quick Release Precision Buckle is easy to operate with race gloves and mittens

VIDEO: In this demonstration, Shred/SLYTECH compares the impact absorption of its 2nd Skin XT and NOSHOCK materials vs. other materials typically used as protective padding. 1 min 43 sec



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