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Shred Simplify Blackout Goggles for Ski / Snowboard with Bonus Lens

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Distinguishing Features

  • 1-2-3 Quick Lens Change Technology  - Switch lenses in seconds
  • Carved Cylindrical Lens - High-level optical quality
  • Bonus Lens - Includes a bonus contrast boosting lens


  • Face Size - adult medium/large, massive field of view
  • Frame - shred wide ergonomic frame design, durable and helps increase peripheral vision
  • Lens - carved cylindrical lens, light noise cancellation and image contrast/definition enhancement 
  • Lens Shape - cylindrical with nodistortion technology, crystal clear vision at every altitude
  • Field of View - expanded, increased peripheral vision
  • UV Protection - 100% UV protection from UVA, UVB, and UVC 
  • Replaceable Lens - yes, interchangeable in seconds with 1-2-3 lens change feature
  • Additional Lens - included, all condition and contrast boosting lens
  • Anti Fog - double lens with hydrophilic treatment on inner lens, keeps lens clear
  • Venting - ventilation integration on top and bottom of frame and no clog hydrophobic treatment on vents, to help reduce fogging
  • Face Foam - whipped cream tapered multilayer face foam, for comfort and warmth
  • Strap - wide, grip on strap, secure grip of your helmet 
  • Strap Adjustment – dual buckle strap adjustment, comfortable and precise fit
  • Travel Bag - included, thermal hardcase available with some models

Shred Simplify Blackout Touts A Wide Array of Incredible Features 

The Shred Simplify Blackout matches many features of other top goggle brands highest offering and in many cases, it will "Shred" the competition. We love the full field of view and would put it up against any goggle on the market. The field of vision is maximized with Shred's "Shred Wide" frame design that boosts the peripheral vision of the goggle. 

We love quick lens change technology at SportsProtective, and the Simplify has one of the fastest offerings in the goggle market.  In three easy steps, you can go from your all condition lens to the included bonus contrast boosting lens in a few seconds. This makes for an easy swap while on the chair lift and allows for versatility to combat ever-changing weather conditions.

The lens quality of the Simplify is incredible thanks to carved cylindrical lenses with Shred's Nodistortion technology. Nodistortion offers crystal clear optics at any altitude, and a Noreflect treatment minimizes light reflections in the inner lens. When we tried out the Simplify goggle, we noticed the top-notch optical quality immediately. 

Fog is never a problem with the Simplify as it boasts integrated frame venting and a hydrophobic treatment on the vents. The moment you put on the goggle you feel a pillow soft whip cream face foam that gives all day comfort. Universal helmet compatibility means no matter your helmet brand; the Shred Simplify will work and work well. 

About Shred Optics

Shred Optics began in the fall of 2006, and their plan was simple. They wanted to develop products that looked as good as they performed—and not just on the race course, but also in the park and backcountry. Shred's inaugural collection consisted of a single goggle frame, available in a healthy dose of neon. Iconic, original, loud—whatever you called them, their goggles were visible from across the valley. About this same time, they also launched the first soft back protector with Slytech, which was soon worn by top freeskiers, snowboarders, and racers.

Today, Shred Optics have a few more products to their name, but their commitment to innovation is stronger than ever. Whether developing helmets, back protectors, sunglasses, or goggles, Shred is pioneering new technology and emerging as a market leader—while proudly maintaining their status as underdogs. By blending performance and style, Slytech and Shred help you have fun, stay safe, and push your limits. And ten years in, they're still building the products of our dreams. 


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