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SixSixOne Recon Gloves for MTB, BMX (Pair)

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SixSixOne Recon Gloves for MTB, BMX

We're not sure where the term "fits like a glove" originated, but the SixSixOne Recon Gloves for MTB, BMX fit more like a 2nd pair of hands. Snug, nonrestrictive and super ventilated, you won't know you're wearing gloves at all. That is, until you change gears and recognize the great grip, or realize your hands aren't sore after a long day on the trails or streets. We like the SixSixOne Recon Gloves for MTB, BMX, and are certain you will, too. Happy trails! 

SixSixOne Recon Gloves for MTB, BMX (Pair)

  • Palm: Perforated synthetic leather for added durability/grip
  • Finger grips: Silicone printed on upper index/middle finger tips aids lever control
  • Knuckle protection: Airpene (rubber-like) covers 3 knuckles
  • Sweat wipe: Suede-like coverage outside thumb absorbs moisture
  • Top of hand: Stretch, perforated nylon keeps hands cool/nonrestrictive
  • Wrist: Low profile rubber tab Velcros for secure fit
  • SixSixOne logo subtle at wrists
  • Care: Machine wash (gentle), line dry
  • Sold as a pair


SixSixOne develops protection products for mountain biking and BMX, including helmets, boots, gloves, roost deflectors, knee guards, and elbow guards. SixSixOne was developed and is used in competition by top amateur and professional riders around the world. Some SixSixOne helmets and pads utilize the innovative engineered material d30, which is designed to be malleable and soft under normal conditions but to harden upon impact.


SixSixOne Size Chart

SixSixOne Helmets, Pads, Gloves, and Armor Size Charts

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SixSixOne Helmets Size Chart


SixSixOne Comp Full Face Helmets

Size Head Circumference
Small 54-56cm
Medium 57-58cm
Large 59-60cm
Extra Large 60-62cm


SixSixOne EVO AM Helmet
Size Head Circumference
Small/Medium 55-58cm
Large/Extra Large 59-61cm


SixSixOne Knee Pads (EVO, Rage, Rampage, Riot, Comp)

Size Thigh (4in above knee) Calf (fullest part of calf)
Youth 13-15in 10-12in
Small 15-17in 12-14in
Medium 17-19in 14-16in
Large 19-21in 16-18in
Extra Large 21-23in 18-20in


SixSixOne Elbow Pads (EVO, Rage, Riot, Comp)

Size Bicep (3in above elbow) Forearm (fullest part of forearm)
Youth 7-9in 6-7in
Small 8-10in 7-8in
Medium 10-12in 8-9in
Large 12-14in 9-10in
Extra Large 14-16in 10-11in


SixSixOne EVO /Comp Pressure Suits, SubGear Size Chart


Size Chest Circumference
Small 35-37in
Medium 38-40in
Large 41-43in
Extra Large 44-46in
XXL 48-50in


SixSix One Bike Gloves and Wrist Guards


Size Hand Circumference
Small 8.0in
Medium 9.0in
Large 10.0in
Extra Large 11.0in
XXL 12.0in


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