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Troy Lee Designs D2 Full Face Helmet

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Troy Lee D2 Full Face Helmet

Maybe you've never considered a Troy Lee design lid because of the price. The D2 full face helmet price tag won't scare you away. In fact, we believe you're getting a lot for your money with the Troy Lee Designs D2 full face helmet. Not many full face helmets meet as many safety standards as the D2. We've got them all listed below. Full face protection with awesome graphics meeting multiple safety standards? Done deal.    

Troy Lee D2 Full Face Helmet

  • Construction:  Carbon composite shell, EPS liner
  • Adjustable visor: Tool-free center bracket; vented for ease of air flow 
  • Chin bar: Geometrically-shaped dense, interior foam; 3 silver, screen-covered vents 
  • Roost Guard, (the padded triangular insert underneath the chin bar), protects face from trail dirt and gravel thrown upward by bike's wheels 
  • Vents, 8 (excluding chin bar vents), covered with silver screen to protect against dirt and bugs 
  • D-ring buckle system, a favorite for motocross riders, ensures a snug fit
  • Inner liner, padded, removable and washable
  • Spacious goggle port for various goggle sizes, increased visibility
  • Weight:  1060 grams for adult size M/L
  • Safety:  Meets ASTM F-2032 safety standard for BMX; ASTM F-1952 safety standard for downhill; US CPSC bicycle safety standard; ASTM 2040 for recreational snow sports; and the European CE EN 1078 bicycle safety standard.
  • Suitable for downhill mountain biking, BMX biking, ski and snowboarding.  

The TLD D2 Full Face Composite Helmet: A True Multi-Sport Helmet.  

The D2's aerospace composite shell features an aerodynamic design and custom graphics that made Troy Lee a world-famous name. What makes the D2 full face helmet unique is that is has been engineered as a true multi-sport helmet: it has been designed for and meets safety standards as a mountain bike helmet, BMX helmet, and ski/snowboarding helmet. The Troy Lee Designs D2 full face helmet is worn by many NASCAR pit crews including Team DuPont, and Team Home Depot outfits. All this in a lightweight helmet that also sports great graphics.

Troy Lee Designs: More Than Just a Pretty Face

Troy Lee helmets are known for their gorgeous, intricate, mega-cool graphics. But equally important is the company’s quest for thoughtful design that combines functional and aesthetic objectives. In other words, Troy Lee Designs makes helmets that not only look good but are designed to keep you safe and comfortable. The company began in the late 1970's when a teenage Troy Lee, a racer himself, started making custom-painted helmets in his garage. The rest is history.


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TLD D2 and D3 Full Face Helmets Size Chart

Size Head Circumference
Medium 56-57cm
Large 58-59cm
Extra Large 60-62cm


TLD A1 Helmet Size Chart
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Small/Medium 56-59cm
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Extra Small 15-17in 13-14in
Small 16-18in 13-15in
Medium 16.5-18.5in 14-15.5in
Large 18-21in 15-18in


TLD Elbow Pads Size Chart (EG 5400, EG 5450)

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Extra Small 5-6.5in 9.5-11.0in
Small 6-7in 10-11.5in
Medium 6.5-8.0in 10.5-12in
Large 7.5-9.0in 11-13in


TLD Upper Body Armor Size Chart (BP 7855, BP 7850)


Size Chest Circumference
Youth Medium 26-27in
Youth Large 28-29in
Youth Extra Large 30-32in
Small 34-35in
Medium 36-38in
Large 40-42in
Extra Large 44-46in


TLD Padded Shorts Size Chart (LS 7605, LS 4600)


Size Waist
Youth Medium 24-26in
Youth Large 26-28in
Extra Small 28-30in
Small 30-32in
Medium 32-34in
Large 34-36in
Extra Large 36-38in


TLD Wrist Supports Size Chart (WS 3205, WS 5205)

Size Wrist Circumference
Small 6.0-6.5in
Medium 6.5-7.0in
Large 7.0-7.5in


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