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Vigilante Air Body Armor for Men - CLOSEOUT/ALL SALES FINAL

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Vigilante Air Body Armor for Men

The Vigilante Air Protective Jacket for Men: A SportsProtective Exclusive.

Made exclusively for SportsProtective by Crash Pads, Inc., the Vigilante Air Protective Jacket for men meets the need for hard shell upper body armor that's lightweight, not cumbersome, and easy to take on and off. It's low-profile design and unique integrated thumb-hole makes wearing it under a jacket or hoodie easy. Or wear it alone as a protective jacket. Hot-weather riding or racing is not a problem due to great ventilation. And did we mention its price?

The Vigilante Air Protective Men's Jacket

  • CLOSEOUT - all sales final / no returns
  • Lightweight, 680 grams
  • Crash Pads, Inc. construction
  • Low profile, comfortable fit under jacket or sweatshirt
  • Well-ventilated. Perforated nylon construction
  • Full center zipper for easy-on/easy-off, double-stitched
  • Adjustable elastic arm strap at elbow, 1 inch wide, customized Velcro fit
  • Shoulder, elbow protection, hard shells molded, flexible for easy mobility. Attach to massive, thin, ventilated EVA foam
  • Rib Protection. Light, 1/4-inch thick, 5-inch wide foam wraps ribs
  • Waist adjusters buckle for tailored fit
  • Spine protection: Dense foam covers 7 hard shells, individually pocketed for increased back mobility
  • Integrated thumb hole on extended sleeve keep sleeves in place
  • Cool Vigilante logo on chest
  • Hand wash gentle, line dry
  • Weight: 680 grams
  • Suitable for downhill, mountain, bmx biking and fits perfectly under snowboarding/skiing jackets

The Bottom Line on the Vigilante Air Protective Jacket for Men

The Vigilante Air Protective Jacket for Men is the perfect jacket for mountain or bmx bike riders, or snowboarders/skiers looking for upper body armor worn alone or under clothing that feels like a jacket, but protects like armor.

    Vigilante Body Armor and Padded Shorts: Moving With You, Not Against You

    The Vigilante line of body armor and padded shorts is the result of a collaboration between XSports Protective and Crash Pads Inc. The Vigilante line is distinguished from other body armor and padded shorts by its design and construction. A lot of body armor makes you feel like the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man (or woman), with pads that bend or crush when you move or pads that are so puffy you can’t put your arm down. Not only is that uncomfortable, it inhibits your full range of motion. We wanted low-profile, high-performance body armor that would enhance mobility, not hinder it. Enter Crash Pads, who designed the Vigilante line of body armor and padded shorts with human kinetics in mind. Think of your body as being divided into different zones—shoulders, elbows, ribs, spine. Vigilante padded shorts and body armor use a concept we call zone padding. The pads are shaped, cut, and placed to protect your major muscle groups, with the most vulnerable areas given extra protection. So if you fall--and chances are you will--you're protected. The unique shape and placement of the pads give you a full range of motion and freedom of movement without pads that bend and contort.

    Much of the Vigilante body armor uses D3 fabric, a three-dimensional, impact-resistant, padded fabric. D3 is breathable, lightweight, durable, and washable. D3 fabric won’t delaminate (i.e., split into layers) and doesn’t have the problems with dryness, yellowing, weight, moisture retention, or flakiness that you often find with foam. The D3 fabric offers a level of protection while also putting a thin layer of air between your body and the padding to help absorb impact.

    You might have noticed the soft molded polymer shoulder and elbow pads. Those aren’t just there for show. They allow maximum joint movement and are the first of multiple layers of protection for these vulnerable areas. Directly below the molded polymer shoulder cap is a 1/2-inch layer of closed cell foam that rests on top of the light D3 fabric. The elbows feature 1/2-inch closed cell foam along the interior and are topped off with the same molded polymer cap. The shoulder and elbow pads are made from ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA), a polyolefin resin that has zero toxic ingredients. This resin is used for mouth guards in football and other sports because it absorbs and disperses impact and shock. It’s also used for items that can’t fail at very low temperatures, like ice bags and frozen food pouches. So we have a soft, impact-absorbing resin that performs well in very cold temperatures. Sounds like something you want on your ski body armor, doesn’t it?

    We’ve taken the same care with the back of the Vigilante body armor. The spinal pads are wider than your backbone to disperse shock to the sides. Start with a layer of D3 padded fabric, which keeps the thicker padding off your back. On top of that add a layer of 1/8 foam, a thin, flexible layer of 3M plastic, and a flame-bonded, abrasion-resistant, articulated outer layer and you have quadruple-density spine protection. Put all these components together—the design, the pad placement, the materials--all together, and you have the Vigilante body armor. The Vigilante line might not look like any body armor you’ve seen before. Frankly, that’s the idea.

    SportsProtective and Crash Pads: A unique collaboration

    We at SportsProtective want our customers to be safe no matter what activity they're doing, but we also want them to be comfortable. Our goal was to create a line of padded shorts and body armor that would be low profile, lightweight, comfortable, allow a full range of movement, and still protect you where it counts. And we wanted it all at a price point that wouldn't be prohibitive. That's a tall order.

    Fortunately, we found the ideal partners in the folks at Crash Pads. Through this collaboration, XSports and Crash Pads jointly developed the Vigilante line of padded shorts and body armor. We noticed that most padded shorts and body armor has a tendency to awkwardly bend and contort when you move. That's uncomfortable and inhibits your range of motion. Using human anatomy and kinesiology as our basis, we created very specific pad shapes and configurations that match how your body moves. We’ve deliberately given the Vigilante line a minimalist design. They’re nice to look at, but body armor and padded shorts aren’t meant to be looked at. They’re meant to be worn. Let’s face it—body armor won’t work if you don’t wear it. Vigilante body armor and padded shorts are designed to protect your body, to maximize mobility, and to be so comfortable that you forget you’re wearing it.


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    Vigilante Padded Shorts Size Chart

    How to Measure for Vigilante Padded Shorts

    Vigilante Padded Shorts Size Chart
    Size Waist
    Youth Small 19-22in
    Youth Medium 22-25in
    Youth Large 25-28in
    Extra Small 24-27in
    Small 27-30in
    Medium 30-33in
    Large 34-38in
    Extra Large 38-42in


    Vigilante Upper Body Armor Size Chart

    How to Measure for Vigilante Upper Body Armor

    Vigilante Upper Body Armor Sizes
    Size Chest
    Small 34-37in
    Medium 37-40in
    Large 40-43in
    Extra Large 43-46in


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